Are you the parent of a high school student,
stressed about the college admissions process?
Talk to me.

High school is a very busy time, with so much to learn and do. It is important for your child to manage all of that, while also preparing for college admissions. It sounds stressful but with the right counsellor, this can be a period of growth and self-discovery.

What would serve your child well is a bespoke, result-oriented approach.

Would you like an association that is highly personalized and is about understanding your child and mentoring them on how their authentic and unique self can be developed?

Would you like your counsellor to be just a call away, and always available?

How about a counsellor who would completely engage with you and your child, for a well-planned journey and successful outcomes?

If the answer is yes, let’s connect.

Services at a glance
  1. Psychometric assessments
  2. Coaching conversations
  3. Profile building
  4. College list building
  5. Essay bootcamps
  6. Application support
  7. College selection


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